2012年1月3日 管理人 じょん・まんじろー

Webmaster John Manjiro(handle name) of FullerHouse is, for Japan’s Full House fan has opened this web site in August 27, 1999. It has been sent the Full House of information over since more than 15 years. Also, I have to get the domain “fullerhouse.net” on February 14, 2004 before more than 10 years.
We believe that the future want to deliver to everyone information about the Full House and its performer.

Inquiries thank you in the comments. In addition, you may want to publish the contents of an inquiry.
(mail: john_manjiro@hotmail.com *Mail of language is limited to the Japanese.)
I do not care if I have freely put a link to this site, but since there is a possibility of causing the Ali broken links if you want to change the directory and file name, thank you to the top as much as possible page.
We are careful there is no mistake as much as possible to those sites, but we can not guarantee described content is 100% correct, please note. When you have found an error, please contact us sorry to trouble you, but in the comments.
May 6, 2015 Webmaster John Manjiro(handle name)


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